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What We Do

The Light Doctors are here to help you choose the best red light therapy products for your unique needs and budget. 

From individuals to clinics to corporations, we have red light solutions to fit your wellness needs.

We are also in the process of creating an online training portal for providers to support you and your practice. 


How does photobiomodulation work?

You have likely heard of oxidative stress or antioxidants. Red light stimulates cytochrome c-oxidase inside the cells to reduce oxidative stress, much like an antioxidant. This enables the powerhouse of the cell, the mitochondrion, to function more optimally. This means that any cell exposed to red light (at the right intensity and dose) will do its job more efficiently which is why PBM has such a broad range of beneficial health effects.


Research Supported Benefits of PBM:

Pain Reduction and Relief

Wound Healing

Regulate the Immune System

Improve Energy and Vitality

Enhance Vision and Improve Cognition


Hair Regrowth

Mitigate Symptoms of Neurological Conditions


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